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Why You’ll Love Costa Rica’s Rainy Season

After spending our honeymoon in Costa Rica in July 2017, I truly think this is the best time to go. The rain, for us, wasn’t a deterrent but rather added to our magical experience in this jungle atmosphere.

We definitely had our concerns when booking our trip for July. We weren’t sure what “rainy” would entail—would it be torrential downpours 24/7? Would it ever be sunny? Would we still be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors?

After some preliminary research, we decided to go for it. Costa Rica offered everything we were looking for in a honeymoon so we decided we’d take a gamble on the rainy season.

I’m so glad we did. Here’s why.

The Rain is Intermittent, Peaceful, and Warm

Here’s the thing: the rain is not a 24/7 thing, even during the height of Costa Rica’s rainy season. Most days it rained for less than three hours a day. This usually took the form of downpours, many of which were in the evening.

It was pouring when we arrived at El Castillo (our hotel in Ojochal) but it was lovely to watch from the dry indoor/outdoor lobby.

It was peaceful to watch the rain come down over the Pacific or from our private pool. The rain never lasted all day and the temperature never dropped far enough to make being out in the rain uncomfortable.

One of our excursions in Costa Rica was our ATV tour through the mountains. Even though it did rain towards the end of our ride, it didn’t hamper the experience at all. We got pretty drenched but it was in the high 70s so it didn’t bother us at all.

If you’re going out for the day, just bring a raincoat and a towel and you’ll be all set!

More Local Wildlife

As I mentioned, Costa Rica’s natural features were a major reason we chose it as our honeymoon destination. Known for its tropical plants, jungle and beach scenery, and exotic wildlife, we wanted to see it all. We really feared that the rainy season might impact our ability to do so.

As it turned out, the exact opposite was true. Animals come out more during the rainy season—including incredible insects, frogs, sloths, and certain birds—so your chance of seeing them is the highest during this time.

During our nighttime frog safari—one of our favorite excursions—our guide informed us that we would’ve seen far fewer frogs outside of the rainy season. As it happened, we saw ten different types of colorful frogs including a very rare little Glass Frog.

In addition to frogs, we also saw many other species during our trip including crocodiles, sloths, monkeys, iguanas, and toucans.

Fewer Crowds

Another perk of the rainy season? It keeps tourists at bay. Preferring to visit Costa Rica when it’s not rainy, most people do not come during the summer. This meant, in our case, that we dealt with very few crowds and had a peaceful and quiet vacation.

In Ojochal we had the whole of our boutique hotel (and its lovely staff) to ourselves.

Ultimately, the lack of other tourists—especially in Ojochal—was a very nice perk of visiting during the rainy season. Our beautiful boutique hotel was completely empty apart from us. This meant we had the place—including its restaurant, infinity pool, and ocean views—to ourselves.

We never imagined we’d have the whole place to ourselves, but the peacefulness made our honeymoon incredibly special.

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